Supporting the development of the whole child, physically, academically, spiritually, and emotionally is key to the mission of FBBCA.  We have an ACSI certified Guidance Counselor on our campus who is here to ensure our program design meets the emotional needs of all our students.  Through our Child Study Team, we identify students with unique learning challenges as well as students who demonstrate a need for accelerated application of content.  Our Resource Team works closely with our Child Study Team to provide the on the ground support in the classrooms for these students.  It is our goal to provide a tailored learning environment that helps every child build the confidence, motivation, and self esteem needed for a lifetime of achievement. 


Another component of our Guidance programming is to ensure families have access to community-based resources that can facilitate positive mental health for our children and youth.  Resources and referrals are always available by contacting  It is our sincere hope that all our students know that there is always a capable, well trained adult on campus who is willing to discuss any challenge they face.  Listening to our students is key to ensuring their long term success and continuing to build a program that recognizes the whole child.   


Our Resource services are most successful when created as a team through input from a general education teacher, resource teacher, and parent(s) or guardian. We strive to lead each student on a path closer to academic success through faith in God and the understanding that “knowledge and wisdom come from the Lord.” Proverbs 2:6

Please download our RESOURCE tri-fold and make an appointment, so we can better assist you!