Parents of Elementary & Middle School Children (K-8th Grade):

We are very excited to announce that we will continue to serve hot school lunches to our elementary & middle school students at the Academy. Below is some information you will need to know if you choose to have your child purchase a lunch.

  • Lunch will be catered by Joyful Catering, an exclusive catering service of Bernie’s Deli for First Baptist Church of Brandon.
  • The school lunch program begins on the first day of school.
  • Lunch will be served at school only on regular school days. Early release days and days when only Extended Care is in session (such as holidays), lunches will not be served. Children staying late on early release days or days when school is not in session will need to pack a lunch from home.
  • Meals include an entrée, fruit or vegetable, one side, and choice of milk, juice, or bottled water.
  • Friday’s are School Spirit Days- pizza, two sides along with milk, juice, or bottled water will be offered.
  • Meals are priced at $4.50 per lunch.
  • Beginning in August, we will offer a monthly “Chick-Fil-A” day. These meals MUST be ordered/paid one week in advance of the date and NO CHARGES pending. The dates will be placed on the monthly school calendar. The cost of the meal is $6.00 and can be ordered online.  Meal will include either a Chicken sandwich or 8 piece nugget, two side, and a drink.
  • Elementary (NEW this year) Middle School : We are offering additional menu items for grades 6-8. See “NOTE” on Joyful-catering ordering website for details.
  • Adults: School faculty, church staff, and parents may purchase the same meals through the ordering system. Salads are also offered at $4.50 and include a bottle of water.  
  • All meals will be ordered in advance through an on-line PayPal payment system using a credit card. Notify Marcia Goren at 813-380-8209 or if special circumstances require different means of payment as we are set up to run credit cards.
  • We ask that you think ahead and order one week in advance. Placing your order in advance is a must so we can order the food and paper products we need to serve your child. If an emergency arises, orders must be placed by 8:30 AM for us to be notified. If after 8:30 AM, please follow up with an email to insure we receive it.
  • If your child is absent from school, YOU MUST contact Marcia Goren at 813-380-8209 or by 9:30 AM in order to receive a credit.

Very important:

  • Each month you will receive a lunch calendar (shown above). It is important you keep this calendar for ordering purposes. 
  • We ask that you think ahead and order one week in advance.  Placing your order in advance is helpful so we can order the food and paper products we need to serve your child.  Orders must be place by 8:30 am to insure that we will receive it.  If placed after 8:30 am, please follow up with an email to make sure we were notified.  This is especially important if it is an alternate meal.  
  • Please be sure to note which days you are ordering lunches. Be sure not to forget to pack your child a lunch from home on days you choose not to order from us.
  • If a child comes to school without a lunch, we will provide an emergency lunch and invoice you via email. Please make sure your email and phone numbers are up-to-date in our system. Payment is due within a week of the invoice to avoid additional notices/fees. After 30 days, the fee will be $1.00 per day.  You can make a payment online using the “Pending Charge” button or by cash or check (payable to Bernie’s Deli) through the academy office. Charging is for emergency purposes ONLY. Excessive charging will require a credit card to be on file with us.

    Ordering Instructions:

    Click the link below. Then ordering is as simple as 1... 2... 3...

    1. “Choose Meal”...
    2. Place your “Child’s Name/Meal Abbreviation” in the box...
    3. Choose the number (“Qty”) of lunches you wish. You may also add additional Entrees and Sides. Ordering for more than one child at a time? Additional instructions are on each meal tab. Make sure you COMPLETE/SUBMIT the transaction so the order will process.